Regional Revitalization/Agriculture Business


Social uncertainties such as cost-push inflation due to global supply chain failures triggered by coronas and wars, and the unstoppable depreciation of the yen are increasing, and Japan's presence in such a world is declining.

Japan must be prepared for such coming social uncertainties. At Tokyo Token, we believe that the solution lies in "regional development".

In other words, we aim to change the current ecosystem, which is heavily polarized in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Specifically, we aim to build a local infrastructure that enables people in rural areas to support themselves within the rural economic zones, without having to travel to the Tokyo metropolitan area, with agriculture as the starting point.

Japan's food self-sufficiency rate hits 37%, the lowest level ever recorded, mainly due to the lack of successors and the increase in fallow land as a result of the aging of farming population and the difficulty for newcomers to enter the farming industry. We believe that improving this food self-sufficiency rate is the key to Japan's revival. In order to solve the problems facing agriculture in Japan today, Tokyo Token will create Bell Agri, a project that will spare no effort to enhance the presence of farmers.

At the same time, Bell Agri will also support the operation of the children's cafeteria to help children in rural areas carve out the furure.

With "agriculture" and "children's cafeterias" as two wheels, Bell Agri will achieve the revival of Japan.

Bell Agri website is here.