the wonderful future
from Japan

Driving the future as the first runner in Web 3.0

Tokyo Token is a business development professional firm driving the future of Web 3.0/Metaverse weaponed with our superior cryptoasset insights.
We are business producers who contribute to society by taking the leadership role for our partners, or through in-house projects.




Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Utilization Support

We support clients in building and promoting businesses, with our insights in cryptoasset utilization centered on finance. We provide comprehensive support for building business ecosystem, tailored to clients' industries and business categories.

Regional Revitalization/Agriculture Business

Through our in-house project, we also strive to contribute to our society by promoting regional revitalization and revival of Japanese agriculture. This unique business solves various social issues such as effective use of fallow land, promotion of distribution of domestic agricultural products, and creation of employment in rural areas.

NFT Business

Coming soon.


Driving the future from Japan as the first runner in Web 3.0